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Communication Mediums

When it comes to communication in your community, how things are being said is just as important as what is being said. The mediums you make available will shape both the nature and effectiveness of the communication that happens, so it's important to choose the ones that best suit the specific members and goals of your community.


When it comes to choosing a medium for your community, you first need to understand what kind of communication your community needs, and then picking one (or more) that can provide those needs. There are three key aspects that every communication medium has to one degree or another:

  • Speed - How quickly a conversation progresses, which consists of both the size of a message and how long it takes to be received
  • Thoughtfulness - How much thought and consideration goes into each messages sent back and forth between participants
  • Discoverability - How easy it is for information conveyed over a medium to be found by people who were not involved in the original discussion

Different mediums offer a different balance of these three, no one medium can offer you the best of all three. As your community grows bigger, you'll likely need to offer more than one medium so that you can support different kinds of communication. The mediums you choose should provide the right balance to suit your community.

Online Mediums


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Mailing Lists

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Realtime Chat

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Video Conferencing

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