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 ==== Pitfalls To Avoid ==== ==== Pitfalls To Avoid ====
-Provide some guidance ​of common pitfalls ​and problems ​to avoid. +**Overload ​of Extrinsic Motivation**:​ As mentioned in the Challenges, one can find themselves overloading the Gamified content with Extrinsic motivation ​and only Extrinsic motivation. ​ This can be seen for sites that add Badges that are overused, simplified and achieved by nearly everyone on the site.  This mainly causes those who want to achieve those Badges to achieve them and rush off to other things, but can also cause those who want to be part of your community to eventually move off to another community because the Badges become the '​spotlight'​ rather than the content or the expertise one brings ​to the table.
 ==== Tips and Tricks ==== ==== Tips and Tricks ====