I have a similar experience that I'd like to share.

I started the Write The Docs PDX Meetup group, based on what we did at Write The Docs NA 14 in May of 2014.

While I don't have the time to run another group, I'd like to share my “Lessons Learned” from starting a Meetup Group based on a conference, tempered by what I heard at CLS. (info below)

I did a CLS Lighning Talk on the topic. Just listing the points:

1) If you have a mission statement, keep it simple. For us, it's “continue the conversation”

2) Get publicity among potential members. It could be online or offline. (The key for us was a Tweet by the conference organizer, and a Portland tech meeting board known as “Calagator”)

3) Find a regular venue. In the US tech community, meeting sponsorships are relatively common. Alternatives are libraries, and even small restaurants / bars.

4) Set a regular date.

(Between 3 and 4, you can get users into a “habit” of going to a specific place on a specific date.)

5) Ask for help. You might get help from sponsors. You might get help from other communities. You might even get everyone to pitch in with “PotLuck”s, where everyone brings food / refreshments.

6) Identify ways to publicize meetings, appropriate for your community / audience.

7) Plan your meetings. If you do “unconfernce” style meetings, plan and schedule the time for each step.

8) Lightning talks can help the group understand the expertise within.

9) Networking Meetups are OK, but may need direction to help users get the best experience from it (e.g. name tags that say “Ask me about {my expertise}”